London Based Line Producer, Events Consultant, Production Executive & Broadcast Fixer


September 2016


I have worked on a variety of broadcast programmes ranging from long running Features series, Reality and Live Shows. I especially thrive on the challenge of creating and launching new projects. I’ve worked on the launch of primetime series; Bring The Noise (SKY1), Masterchef (BBC),  Big Brother (C4), Celebrity Big Brother (C4), The Bafta Film Awards (ITV/BBC), Fame Academy (BBC), The Paralympics (BBC), The Commonwealth Games (BBC), House of Tiny Tearaways (BBC3), The Priory (C4) and The Lottery Show (BBC1).  Along the way I have worked closely with Producers Liz Murdoch, Tim Hincks, Phil Edgar Jones, Karl Warner, John Silver, and Steven D Wright, to name but a few.

I was Deputy Head of Production at Shine, Head of Production at Outline, Production Consultant to Syco & Shed, Production Executive and Unit Manager at Endemol, Production Manager at RDF and most recently worked with Ruth Wrigley and William Miller at Raconteur Associates, and also at Olga TV and TwentySix03 working with Exec’s Clare Barton, Antonia Hurford Jones and Chris Little. My wide range of skills are grounded with much experience in TV broadcast, especially working with creatives launching new large scale projects. I am experienced at devising and managing systems within tight deadlines (I love a complex schedule!). I am adept at negotiating deals with large suppliers, liaising with broadcaster finance and commissioning departments.

I am dedicated to managing teams to work to tight budgets and creative schedules, maintaining communication between all departments, developing project branding, working with cross-platform departments, and delivering consistent style, design and editorial themes.  Having worked very closely with the Executive team and Broadcaster (on Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother), I had direct experience of dealing a ground breaking multi-platform event. This had a huge 24/7 production crew, so I understand the importance of communication skills across all team and broadcaster departments.

I have dealt with my fair share of compliance issues (think Jade Goody and ‘The Sun’ look like a Pig front page) and interactive (web and voting) departments. I am constantly looking for new ideas and quality in my work and enjoys using my creative skills to ensure that each programme is on budget, gets recommissioned and thrives on teamwork.  I am not daunted by any situation and I possess a friendly manner, which is always key in keeping a handle on all situations.

I have also worked closely on project managing and Consultation appraisals for companies, so can locate where potential problem areas for productions may be – before they happen! Having started in low Budget television I am confident I can manage any programme despite budgetary restrictions.




REFERENCES  (contact details on request)

  • Clare Barton, Managing Director & Director of Production, Olga TV
  • Sara Brailsford, Executive Producer
  • Phil Edgar Jones, Controller, Sky Arts
  • Antonia Hurford Jones, Executive Producer & SKY Channel Controller
  • Ian Dodd, Managing Director, The Farm Post Production
  • Chris Little, Script Writer & Series Producer
  • Patrick Doherty, Production Set Designer
  • Ruth Wrigley, Executive Producer, Raconteur Associates
  • Gigi Eligoloff, Executive Producer

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