London Based Line Producer, Events Consultant, Production Executive & Broadcast Fixer




I have worked on a variety of broadcast programmes ranging from long running Features series, Reality and Live Shows. I especially thrive on the challenge of creating and launching new projects. I’ve worked on the launch of primetime series; Bring The Noise (SKY1), Masterchef (BBC),  Big Brother (C4), Celebrity Big Brother (C4), The Bafta Film Awards (ITV/BBC), Fame Academy (BBC), The Paralympics (BBC), The Commonwealth Games (BBC), House of Tiny Tearaways (BBC3), The Priory (C4) and The Lottery Show (BBC1).  Along the way I have worked closely with Producers Liz Murdoch, Tim Hincks, Phil Edgar Jones, Karl Warner, John Silver, and Steven D Wright, to name but a few.

I was Deputy Head of Production at Shine, Head of Production at Outline, Production Consultant to Syco & Shed, Production Executive and Unit Manager at Endemol, Production Manager at RDF and most recently worked with Ruth Wrigley and William Miller at Raconteur Associates, and also at Olga TV and TwentySix03 working with Exec’s Clare Barton, Antonia Hurford Jones and Chris Little. My wide range of skills are grounded with much experience in TV broadcast, especially working with creatives launching new large scale projects. I am experienced at devising and managing systems within tight deadlines (I love a complex schedule!). I am adept at negotiating deals with large suppliers, liaising with broadcaster finance and commissioning departments.

I am dedicated to managing teams to work to tight budgets and creative schedules, maintaining communication between all departments, developing project branding, working with cross-platform departments, and delivering consistent style, design and editorial themes.  Having worked very closely with the Executive team and Broadcaster (on Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother), I had direct experience of dealing a ground breaking multi-platform event. This had a huge 24/7 production crew, so I understand the importance of communication skills across all team and broadcaster departments.

I have dealt with my fair share of compliance issues (think Jade Goody and ‘The Sun’ look like a Pig front page) and interactive (web and voting) departments. I am constantly looking for new ideas and quality in my work and enjoys using my creative skills to ensure that each programme is on budget, gets recommissioned and thrives on teamwork.  I am not daunted by any situation and I possess a friendly manner, which is always key in keeping a handle on all situations.

I have also worked closely on project managing and Consultation appraisals for companies, so can locate where potential problem areas for productions may be – before they happen! Having started in low Budget television I am confident I can manage any programme despite budgetary restrictions.




REFERENCES  (contact details on request)

  • Clare Barton, Managing Director & Director of Production, Olga TV
  • Sara Brailsford, Executive Producer
  • Phil Edgar Jones, Controller, Sky Arts
  • Antonia Hurford Jones, Executive Producer & SKY Channel Controller
  • Ian Dodd, Managing Director, The Farm Post Production
  • Chris Little, Script Writer & Series Producer
  • Patrick Doherty, Production Set Designer
  • Ruth Wrigley, Executive Producer, Raconteur Associates
  • Gigi Eligoloff, Executive Producer


Need help in looking for a location?

I have extensive experience sourcing Studios and spaces in and around London. I can help you finding your ideal locations for a shoot, negotiate fees, terms and permission and if required manage the location during the shoot.



P R O D U C T IO N  &  E V E N T   M A N A G E M E N T  C O N S U L T A N C Y

What I Can Deliver

  • Management from client briefing through to delivery all processes, procedures and operational requirements associated with nominated events
  • Act as a point of contact for clients and all operational enquiries
  • Ensure the swift receipt and review of risk assessments, method statements and other supporting Health & Safety documents
  • Produce detailed pre and post event budget sheets
  • To attend management, department and event specific meetings with colleagues, clients and contractors
  • Work with the Senior Event Manager and operations with the creation and implementation of creative and innovative event strategies

I have:

  • Minimum 20 years production management experience
  • Experience of managing outdoor events & hospitality
  • Experience of working directly with key clients and stakeholders
  • Experience of producing accounts and designing budgets and schedules
  • Experience of compiling risk assessments

What You Get;

  • Event management experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Highly organised, able to multi-task and deal with high volumes of work
  • Manage multiple stakeholders effectively and considerately
  • Solution-focused approach and ‘roll up the sleeves’ attitude
  • Flexible and trustworthy
  • Expert use of MS Office packages, including Excel, PPT and Word
  • Confident with digital platforms including social media and event management software
image credit : Giffords Circus



OBJECTIVE MEDIA GROUP (Second Star Productions) Worked closely with EP Deborah Sargeant and SP Vicky Hamburger as Producer developing a project based on musical theatre.(Location/ Music)

STV, Worked closely with Senior Team budgeting, researching and planning a brand new large scale adventure reality series based in the Caribbean. (Event/ Location/ Primetime)

SONY TELEVISION, Worked closely with HoD Sarah Edwards, Andrew Norgate and Designer Patrick Watson developing, planning and budgeting an adventure game show for a US Broadcaster. (Event/ Primetime)

OBJECTIVE MEDIA GROUP (Second Star Productions) Working closely with EP Deborah Sargeant and SP Leanne Witcoop on the feasibility, planning and budget of a Fact Ent show for BBC2. (Location/ Music)

RACONTEUR ASSOCIATES Line Producer, working across their development projects for BBCWW and C4, with EP’s Ruth Wrigley, Gigi Eligoloff and William Miller. (Location Show)


TWENTYSIX03 Line Producer on the new Primetime Friday night music studio based & comedy show for Sky 1 (Studio Show) OLGA TV Production Exec cover for Head of Production on The Paul O Grady Show (Studio Show)
FOUNDER Creative Bus Stop : Cultural Event Listings website for London Kids (Entrepreneur) EVENT CONSULTANT Millfield OM Foundation Ball for 1200 people at The Grosvernor House Hotel, 2015 (Event)
OUTLINE PRODUCTIONS. Head of Production. Worked closely with MD’s Laura Mansfield and Helen Veale restructuring the company. SHED MEDIA & SYCO ENTERTAINMENT Production Consultant. Working with Executives at SHED, producing a presentation and budget for a unique, large scale, long term project. (Reality/ Event)
SHINE MEDIA Deputy Head of Production DONT MOVE IMPROVE Production Executive on this new series for ITV1. TX 2005 (30×45). (Location Show)
DIAL M (PILOT) Line Producer on this studio pilot for BBC1 Entertainment( 1 x 45 STUDIO). THE SIMPSONS QUIZ SHOW Line Producer on this first series studio show for C4 (1 x 45 STUDIO). TX 2004. (Studio Show)
BUILD A NEW LIFE Production Executive on this first series for C5. TX 2005. (12 x 60). (Location based) MASTERCHEF – GOES LARGE Production Executive, Developed and negotiated this first studio & location based series. BBC2. TX 2005. (30 x 30)
NICE HOUSE, SHAME ABOUT THE GARDEN Production Executive, First Series of this features show for C5. TX 2005 (8 x 30). (Location based) ITV : THE MINISTRY OF MAYHEM Line Producer for the production of titles and graphics for this new ITV Saturday morning children’s show. Producer – Steve Kidgell (Studio show)
INITIAL (Part of Endemol)46664 THE CONCERT  Production Manager – International Clients and crews for this worldwide event based in Cape Town on 29/11/03. Producer – Lisa Chapman (Music/ Events) ITV/ 2DTV BOGNOR OR BUST  Line Producer for 2DTV on this pilot for the ITV Network, hosted by Angus Deayton. Giles Pilbrow – Producer, Joanna Beresford, MD.  (Studio show)
FULL FRONTAL FASHION Production of PSC shoots for London Fashion Week, 2003. (Location/ Event) ITV/DARRYL MAQUEEN SATURDAY MORNING SHOW PITCH Budget Consultation for Darryll Maqueen on this pitch for the ITV network.  (Studio show)
ITV CHILDREN’S PILOT Consultation for a leading animation company on this project for the ITV network.  (Studio show) AT IT PRODUCTIONS : SELECT-A-BEAU Line Producer for these 9 shows for Sky’s music channel FLAUNT, working to AT IT Executive Producer – Chris Fouracre (Music/ Studio/ Events)
LION TELEVSION LION TV : FASHION HOUSE: Production Consultant for Lion Television on this reality based fast turn around show for C4. Working to Series Producer – Nikki Wardell (Reality/ Event) AT IT PRODUCTIONST4 (SATURDAY AND SUNDAY) Line Producer for AT IT Productions, overseeing the new infra-structure and designing production systems for T4 for Channel 4. Working to Executive Producer – Tamsin Summers and Head of Production – Paul Day (Music/ Events)
C4/ ENDEMOL : BIG BROTHER 3 TITLES Producer working with Titles Director Chris Howe for Endemol UK Head of Reality – Phil Edgar Jones  (Studio show) CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER TITLES Producer working with Director Chris Howe for Endemol UK Head of Reality – Phil Edgar Jones  (Studio show)
C4/ UMTV : BOYS AND GIRLS TITLES Producer working with Director Chris Howe for UMTV Executive Producer – Chris Evans  (Studio show) TERRY & GABY TITLES Producer working with Director Chris Howe for UMTV Executive Producer – Chris Evans (Promo)
ITV/ TALKBACK : DESIGN WARS Production Consultation for Talkback’s ITV reality, daytime commission working with Series Producer – Wendy Rattray (Location/ Reality) C4/ UMTV : BOYS & GIRLS – (SAT SHOW, FRIDAY SHOW, E4 SHOW) Line Producer – Boys & Girls Live Saturday Show. Boys & Girls Friday. Boys & Girls Do It With Dougie. Series 1 of Live Primetime Entertainment show for Channel 4 – 2003. Series Producer – Rob Clark  (Studio show)
CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER 2 Unit Manager – working closely with the Executive Team and all production staff and crew on the prep. and production of Series 2 of the 24 hr daily coverage and daily live shows for Channel 4. Editor – Helen Hawken  (Studio show) WALL TO WALL CELEBRITY EDWARDIAN COUNTRY HOUSE Unit Manager – Budget preparation of this Wall to Wall proposal for Channel 4.
ENDEMOL : FAME ACADEMY LAUNCH SHOW Unit Manager – Budget development and consultation for this BBC1 Event. MD – Laurence Jones  (Studio show) BIG BROTHER 3 Unit Manager – Management of 3 management teams, covering daily shows, Live Eviction shows, and location and house supervision. Exec.P – Phil Edgar Jones
THE BAFTA FILM AWARDS 2001& 2002 Production Executive & Production Manager ( 2001 show ) of these Initial Events. Broadcaster, BBC1 & Sky One contact for all budgetary issues. Producer – Lisa Chapman FEAR FACTOR ( DEV) Budget and broadcaster negotiating /approval. EP – Tim Hincks
SPY TV ( DEV) Budget and broadcaster negotiating / approval. EP – Dominic English (Location Show) Q AWARDS Production Executive. Overseeing commission negotiation and production set up. Producer – Katherine Allen  (Event show)
PRODUCTION EXECUTIVE : Initial Television, Working to MD – Laurence Jones developing, staffing, managing and negotiating Music Events and Music programme proposals and factual ent. Productions – often last minute problem solving! (Location/ Events/ Studio/ Reality) C4 BREAKFAST SHOW PILOT Unit Manager of Endemol/ ITN bid for new C4 breakfast slot. Working closely with ITN HoD to produce 2 hr pilot within very tight schedule. Editors – Dominic English & Peter Barron  (Studio show)
BAR WARS Production Manager – Set Up 2nd largest international location based production for Initial Television. C4 & E4. EP – Tim Hincks (Location) THE PEOPLE’S AWARDS Production Manager – Initial for BBC 1 Second largest TV & Music Event of 2000 recorded at Royal Albert Hall. Series Producer – Martin Scott (Event Show)
RDF TELEVISION : ALL SORTS Production Manager -RDF for Channel 4. 60 x 30 mins comedy lifestyle for Daytime. EP – Matthew Frank (Location Show) BBC : PARALYMPICS, SYDNEY Production Manager -BBC 12 x 1 hour full coverage of 2000 & 1996 Paralympics from Olympic Park. EP – Gary Imlach (Event Show)
RDF TELEVISION : ONE SMALL STEP Production Manager -RDF for Channel 4. 1x 180 mins live studio show about the Apollo Landings. EP – David Frank (Studio) ABSOLUTELY PRODUCTIONS. THE JACK DOCHERTY SHOW Production Manager -Series for Absolutely Prod. for C5. EP – Phil Edgar Jones (Studio Show)
C4/ GINGER TELEVISION : THE PRIORY Production Manager -Ginger TV for C4 (LIVE Series ) 1 hour celebrity chat show- multi camera OB with live music, presented by Zoe Ball & Jamie Theakston. EP – Phil Edgar Jones (Studio) C4/ INITIAL (part of Endemol) : DO NOT SLEEP Production Manager -Initial TV – 4 hour LIVE show for C4Later TX 23.12.00 from Sound Republic. Producer – Jo Pilkington (Studio)
BBC1/ GINGER TELEVISION : RED ALERT & NATIONAL LOTTERY : Production Manager -Ginger TV for BBC 1 Multicamera Studio Lottery Show (LIVE Series) with Lulu. EP – Dave Granger (Studio) BBC/ VTV : PARALYMPICS, SYDNEY Production Manager – working to Editor on this daily coverage for BBC Sport. EP – Trevor Morris (Event/ Sports)
RDF TELEVSION : DREAM TICKET Production Manager -RDF for LWT Series 10 x 30 minute Travel Show. EP – Matthew Frank (Location) API TV : COMMONWEALTH GAMES ’99, MALAYSIA Production Manager -API TV for Worldwide Daily Highlights programme, produced in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. EP – David Mannion (Event/Sports)
C4 : PINK PLANET Production Manager – Pilot Gay travel show for C4, Just TV and Interference Productions. (Location/ Travel) ACTION TIME : 1 TO 3 Action Time for Sky One – Production Coordinator. EP – Peter Usher (Studio)
NRG (Hybrid TV) Presenter, Aerobics show for HYBRID TV. (Location) THE LIVE SIX SHOW Action Time for Sky One – Production Coordinator. EP – Peter Usher (Studio/ Location)
TRANSWORLD Internat : OLYMPIC TELEVISION ARCHIVE BUREAU : Archive researcher, working in this department at TWI. (Event/ Sports) ATP TENNIS : Production Assistant, on this international show for TWI.
ACITON TIME : STARSTRUCK Production Coordinator on this pilot. Action Time Ltd., HOME TRUTH’S : Production Manager, children’s studio show. Action Time for Carlton. Producer – Lisa Edwards. (Studio)
TELL TALES : Producer, children’s shows for HYBRID TV. (Studio) API TELEVISION : PARALYMPICS, ATLANTA Researcher/ Coordinator on this 2 week daily highlight show for BBC1. EP – Trevor Morris (Event/ Sports)
TRANSWORLD INTERNATIONAL (TWI)Researcher and Librarian : various duties at this successful Sports Production Company (Event/ Sports) HYBRID TV (part of HTV West)Year Long Apprentice Program : Producer, Researcher, Studio Coordinator, Stylist, Floor Manager : worked with Sacha Baron Cohen on his first ever TV show. (Studio/ Location)

Contact Details

Sian Gwilliam

Email : | Skype ; facebook:sian.gwilliam | WhatsApp & Facetime

Linkedin | Talent Manager | Media Parents |

Please contact me to discuss your production needs. My rate is dependant on the length of day, production period and involvement. I prefer to work from home, and am happy to be scheduled in for all production meetings, and any other appointments. I hold a full driving licence, first aid certificate and am Disclosure and Barring Service ( DBS ) checked for working with children.



‘FIXER’… a definition

Photo credit : Masterchef, Shine, & BBC

(I developed and won the commission on this Series working closely with Exec Producer, John Silver, Liz Murdoch, Franc Roddam and Series Producer; Karen Ross, when working as Deputy Head of Production at Shine Ltd).

Wikipedia defines a Fixer as

Fixer (journalism), someone hired by a foreign correspondent to help arrange a story
Fixer (crime), criminal slang for a person who employs bribes or other pressures to cover up misdeeds or bad publicity; also one who illegally sanitizes a crime scene

World Fixer explains that …

Without fixers, thousands of TV and film productions throughout the world would be impossible every year, tens of thousands of articles and books would never be written and the myriad of corporate activities would never see the light of day.

Simply put, a fixer is your temporary local knowledge when working overseas or at home. They are your ears on the ground before you arrive, your overseas bureau, your airport pickup, your staffer, your security advisor, your translator, local producer or first aider. They are the guide by your side that knows where everything is and how to get it.

Read their blog, join the community

You can view my profile here LinkedIn Profile

What’s different about me?

I am Fixer that specialises in UK Broadcast Production assistance. I am experienced and respected in the world of all television production, especially entertainment, reality, comedy, factual, sport and children’s genres. I have extensive knowledge in these areas, and contacts across the board, especially within the studio recording, and music and events world.

I am also known for having a fun and resilient approach to my work, and will offer solutions to all your requests, no matter how complex and tightly scheduled your production.

What I Can Do For You

  1. Source all technical crew – camera, sound, assistants, jib operators etc
  2. Source kit including HD camera, sound, Jibs, cranes, dollys, steadicams, cherry pickers, helicopters
  3. Source all stock
  4. Provide production Staff, runners, chaperones and airport meet and greet service
  5. Provide production support staff including art department, make up, wardrobe, caterers and security
  6. Location Finding & Studio Hire
  7. Budgeting, Scheduling & Call sheets
  8. Extras, contributors, audience finding
  9. Accommodation to suit any budget
  10. International Transportation: visas, flights, excess baggage, carnets
  11. Transportation within the UK: flights, trains, car hire, taxis, couriers
  12. Permits, Local Permissions, Police Permissions & Parking
  13. Health & Safety – Risk Assessments & any insurance requirements plus on site medical staff
  14. Post production: Full edit facilities, Online and offline editors inc. Avid & final cut pro, sound mixers, colourists, Voice over artists, scripts and all paperworkWhat I

A Guide to Fixers

If you’re filming abroad, especially in remote countries, chances are you’ll require the assistance of a fixer – someone who is familiar with a particular country, to help you with logistics, translation, location and crew sourcing. A fixer can be the real backbone of a production when filming abroad.

In this guide, with the help of translation agency Kwintessential, they explain exactly what a fixer does, and how they can help you on your foreign shoot.
What is a fixer, exactly?

An international fixer can scout great spots remotely, sending detailed information, including photos and film clips, back to the producer.

For example, have you ever wondered how TV and film crews get permission to film in places like Delhi Airport? Or how they manage to shoot on a completely deserted London Bridge in movies like 28 Days Later? Well these things are made possible with the help of fixers. This talented bunch of people are responsible for all the background preparation that lets amazing scenes like these happen.

Fixers sort out filming permits for special locations – like airports – while liaising with police, transport bodies and local authorities beforehand to make sure everything goes swimmingly on the day.

Of course, a film crew working abroad will need special visas – fixers can sort those too.
People Power

Fixers also source local actors and extras via casting agents, along with behind-the-scenes crew such as camera operators, directors, gaffers, and sound engineers.

How about a nice place for the visiting crew and actors to stay? Lunches and bottled water on location? And what about costumes? A good fixer is a little like a walking and talking country guide.

Your friendly fixer can sort those, too.
Hiring Equipment

A film crew can save a lot of cash and hassle by hiring equipment on location rather than taking all their own kit abroad with them. The fixer can help with this – as they’re the ones in the know when it comes to where to hire the right gear, near to the location.

It is up to the producer though to double check facts and the ultimate responsibility and liability rests on their shoulders.

There are two kinds of transport needs that a fixer can deal with: Firstly, they can make travel arrangements for the crew, cast and equipment to get around the country in relative comfort.

Secondly – for that scene-stealing vehicle money shot – a fixer knows where to hire the planes, cranes, boats, hard-to-find sports cars, or simply the humble old banger that you need to star in your production.
The Bottom Line

You need to work within a budget, and one of a fixer’s services is to advise on costs from the location itself so that the production team can plan ahead and accurately price up filming in advance.

So a fixer is the person who deals with logistics and really makes things happen for film, TV and commercials crews. A multilingual, international fixer takes the worry out of the language barrier and uses their specialist local and cultural knowledge to deal quickly and efficiently with bureaucracy and paperwork – sourcing all the elements that a film team needs to work within the deadline and budget and create a sparkling result.

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